About Us

Our goal has always been our customers satisfaction and pleasure. Our success would have never been achieved without your trust in us so I would like to thank you all and wish all of you from the retail buyers to the wholesale purchasers, pharmacies, salons, spas, online and store retailers all the best both in your personal life and professional careers.  



A&Y is a privately held firm, created by two brothers, Anass, an experienced naturopath with many years of practise, and Yasir, an experienced international salesman, committed to the distribution and retail of all kind of products throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Our dedication to mutually beneficial partnerships with international suppliers means we are able to provide a diverse portfolio of products to our customers, encompassing a wide range of brands, including our own A&Y branded goods are the result of extensive industry experience, and are tailored to meet the needs of our long-term customers. In recent years, the Gulf countries appetite for luxury goods and refined living has evolved. The cosmetics industry has naturally followed, with a sudden influx of high-end brands into the market. We believe that everyone has the right to beauty and skincare products, and our aim is to provide them at affordable prices, never sacrificing quality. ‘Genuine Care and Quality’ is our motto, and we have pledged to ensure that this is consistently realized throughout our business. Accordingly, we have developed a diverse portfolio over the years from the accessible to the high-end products catering for everyone’s needs.